Auto starts are a convenient, easy-to-use tool for any truck owner. If you want a versatile remote starter, Bruce’s has you covered. All the auto start tools we offer are ECHO compatible, which means even the 1-way systems can be upgraded to 2-way with our ECHO 2-way kits. So you can get it now, or get it later! We always strive to provide customers with the products and services they require for the best truck experience.

Versatile, Dependable Auto Starts

All our auto starters are also compatible with the Omega CarLink Smartphone interface. Offering both convenience and protection, an auto starter lets you live life on the go. Whether you want to avoid the cold of winter or simply want to get on the road quickly by preemptively starting your vehicle, auto starts are the tool for the job. Find the convenience and protection you and your truck deserve by reaching out and inquiring about one today!

An auto start for a vehicle.